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Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today

Simon Tolson provides an introduction to health and safety law for those in the construction industry, including a reminder that every participant in the construction process must address health and safety issues. His article appeared in the Construction Law Review 2000 (a supplement to Civil Engineering Surveyor).
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We don’t need a contract, we’re partnering

Julian Critchlow discusses whether partnering arrangements should form part of a formal contract document or should be expressed separately in a non-binding document.
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Main and sub contract arbitration procedures
June 2001

In an article which appeared in the Chartered Institute of Building’s Contact newsletter, Victoria Russell provides a summary of cases involving main and sub contract arbitrations including Lafarge v Shephard, Dredging v Delta and Al Shaya v Retek.
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Collateral warranties: Just the ticket
3 October 1997

Simon Tolson provides a lawyer’s eye view of the background legal issues relating to collateral warranties in a lecture to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. He looks at these issues from the viewpoint of the funder, beneficiary and insurer.
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